Project Details | Webbased Tourist Guide

I managed a group project to create a webbased tourist guide for the Kindrogan area.

| Project Date -- 2017

| Skills Used -- fieldwork | webdesign | project management | maps | webprogramming |

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Project Overview | Webbased Tourist Guide for Kindrogan


Role within group: Project Manager, Webdesign and Webprogramming

Prize: We won the price for the best project and presentation out of 10 groups.


This was a project during a fieldtrip to Kindrogan (Scotland) where we collected data in the field and programmed a local tourist guide for the area.

The website ( displays geospatial information, photographs and descriptions of selected points of interest through an interface centred on graphical elements. This was achieved by gathering data from a variety of sources and designing maps and a website guided by design principles to make navigation intuitive and simple. The design was followed up with user testing and subsequent improvements.


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