Portfolio | Livia Jakob

Hi, my name is Livia and I am a Geographical Information Scientist, always looking for new innovative ways to explore, analyse and visualise spatial data. Data can be beautiful and I love to share this.

I'm also very passionate about programming (python, Java, web-programming, SQL) and User-Centered Design in software engineering. The power of Computer Science to build beautiful and useful things fascinates me!

In my free time I dedicate a lot of work and personal effort to the educational project Consciente El Salvador. This project was established by my sister and I in 2012. The project has been highly successful and focuses on improving the access and quality of education, backed by evaluational research in cooperation with the University of Bern. See website: consciente.ch

I have recently set up Geo-Blog, a platform for young Geoscientists to share their ideas and projects. Check out my latest blog posts! If you are looking for a place to share and discuss geographical projects feel free to sign up! See website: www.geo-blog.com

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